I don’t know about other men, but I invest in good quality footwear, and I want to keep my shoes looking good for a long time. So, I buy good shoe care products as well. For example, if I lived in Edmonton and my roof got a hole in it, I would want the best roofing company in Edmonton to fix it.

A stylish and elegant pair of leather shoes is the foundation of every man’s wardrobe, making any outfit look smart. When you spend a nice amount of money on a pair of shoes, you want a return on your investment. That said, it is imperative to take care of your shoes if you want them to retain their shape and remain sharp-looking for many years.

Why it is Necessary

It is necessary to remove dirt, mud, and stains immediately, which prevents them from settling into your shoes.   The truth of the matter is leather absorbs water. As with anything made of substance, your shoes need to be treated with care.

Mink Oil Protector for Shoes

For your natural or synthetic leather shoes, there isn’t a better product than mink oil protector. It not only protects your shoes, it delivers an incredible shine. There are other benefits to using this item, such as:

  • It repels the water
  • It moisturizes the leather
  • It conditions and preserves the leather

How to Use Mink Oil Protector

  • Clean your shoes thoroughly, removing all the dirt and stains
  • Allow them to completely dry for at least four hours
  • With the provided sponge, rub the mink oil gently until the sponge is absorbed
  • In a gentle circular motion, apply the mink oil until the leather feels smooth and gives a bit of a shine
  • Apply the mink oil on a regular basis

If you invest in a pair of great shoes, you want them to last for a long time. The key to protecting your shoes against adverse weather is to keep them clean them on a regular basis, as well as apply products that serve as protection. Don’t wait until they get rain soaked or dirt stains to act. Simply put, waterproofing your shoes saves you money and gives you years of wear, keeping you sharply dressed for any occasion.